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Bandcamp support for SongKong

Do we sitll have a chance to see bandcamp coming @paultaylor ? I believe lots of people are self releasing stuff on bandcamp nowadays, without taking the time to register these releases on discogs or musicbrainz. I’m really look forward to how much of my unmatched tracks will be matched te day we get bandcamp integration. :wink:

See SongKong Software Development Roadmap

…and add following tasks:

    Fix Album (Single album match with confirmation)
    Convert Bad ID3 Encoding (i.e Chinese to UTF8)
    Create MinimServer Artist Index
    Empty Folder Deleter

Then after that is done I would like to add support for Beatunes and/or Bandcamp and Pdf images, But if I was to do this first then I would inevitably end up with an even more complex Fix Songs task.

So I am currently working on Fix Album (Single album match with confirmation) which is by far the most complex of these tasks.

Once done those tasks I can think about bandcamp

True, but remember anyone can add releases to MusicBrainz, and there are scripts to do it

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I can’t wait to test this ! I have so many BC releases not beein identified for now !

Let me know when you’ll get something to test.

thanks @paultaylor

Yes, but Im in interested to know don’t your bandcamp releases already have the same metadata in them as can be found on the bandcamp website ?

If this is the case matching from SongKong will give confirmation that you know what they are but may not add much new metadata

Quick answer -> Bandcamp releases obviously will contain all the metadata as they were grabbed from BC.

Lets identify some of these releases and check them together.

Now regarding the identification, I believe you are right, as the metadata do exist, and all the metadata will be there (in the local files AND on BC itself), the task is mostly a cross check, allowing Songkong to confirm it is a valid bandcamp release, and therefore identifying it as such, and allowing it to be renamed and moved to the “matched” folder.

By the way: you stated that most users won’t have any bandcamp releases in their library, are you so sure about that ? There are so many releases that are exclusively available on bandcamp that I hardly can believe this.

Yes but they are obscure releases that most people will not have heard off, I think you have to be a keen music collector to be using bandcamp, It will be interesting to hear from others.

By the way paul, as I as thinking about this, checking the bandcamp tags is obviously enough (same tags, exactly, as the BC releases actuallty comes from BC), BUT it is also important to add a tag to identify these releases as such and allow them to be renamed and get their artwork imbedded in the flac files :wink:

How is the dev ongoing ? :slight_smile:

Not started yet, has become high priority but not top priority, but you can vote for it here

are things going in the right direction so far ? :slight_smile: challenges ? issues ? :slight_smile:

Patience please, it will be started soon but currently working on AutoEdit and some boring but required code refactoring changes.

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