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Beatport (API) as ID3 Tag Source


I registered Jaikoz (roughly) a year ago and have been enjoying it on a Mac a lot. In particular the connection to Discogs and the autotagging via Discogs ID is very helpful to me as I buy a lot of electronic music.

However, Discogs can be very slow with new releases. On the other hand, Beatport ( is always on the edge with new electronic music and they have a very thorough tagging system including album covers, BPM (!) and Key/Tonality (!).

Is it possible to add Beatport as an additional tag source?

Beatport has an API described here:
Furthermore, some users of the Windows only tagger “MP3Tag” have released an open source script for the same program - maybe this could be of help?

See here:
and here:

Interesting, but probably not free for me to use. I wil look into it further.

+1 for Beatport support!

any news about this at all Paul? I love Jaikoz but the truth is that a Beatport integration is becoming a must :wink:

Not done anything about it yet, sorry but on my radar.


I have bought the Jaikoz and song Kong and I love both programs in my eyes they are the best of them all.

But to be honest electronic music is always a nightmare. It is not your programs but the databases they use

I guess what I’m trying to say is I will pay and continue to support you if the beatport or an alternative was to be added as i know when you add it it will work,


It looks like there would be a fee for me to use the api, so that would have to be another consideration apart from the technical issues.

There is also the instability issue that would occur talking to a new api. By investing in having an intermediary database (Albunack) containing both MusicBrainz and Discogs I’m now protected against unexpected changes in their api or service downtime, for example MusicBrainz is currently running extremely slowly but this does not affect Jaikoz or SongKong users.

But despite these problems I certainly dont rule it out.

I would easily pay a small monthly or onetime fee to have beatport api added to jaikoz. New underground EDM is terrible for matching to musicbrainz or discogs. I also would highly reccomend getting a Soundcloud Api for independant and unsigned artists mixes. Half my library is from unsigned artists on soundcloud.

+1 to Not-a-Programmer’s reply!!

Hmm, SoundCloud interests me more because as they are unsigned less likely to eve make it to MusicBrainz/Discogs then Beatport.

Ive raised

Another option is to go back to what you mentioned a while back. Create an api or a plugin system that allows 3rd party developers to add features to jaikoz and songkong. I would love to be able to add services like beatport, soundcloud, amg,, etc.

A plugin system could allow the end user to put in their own api keys that they register from the website. Most of these APIs would charge the software developer if they are integrated as a feature that commercial software uses. However, if you just make a plugin system where the user can either create or choose plugins and then get their own keys, most of the services wont charge to use them.

Yes you are quite right - 2007 !!!

I must get that done.

@paultaylor is there any news on this being implemented? I also do not mind paying more for the possibility of have soundcloud or beatport to help tag all my dance music. MusicBrainz is falling way behind in this genre.

Well Im actually working on Classical at the moment, but I see what you mean and I think I will something with both Beatport and Soundcloud

Thanks for the reply. Eagerly awaiting this one… like i said extra $$$ for something like this i would gladly pay and so would many others, im sure

Same here almost half of my music is not on Discogs but on Beatport, I even went as far as to install MP3tag… :cry: :shock:

How’s this going, is this still on your list Paul?

Hi Paul,

I see you have recently completed the classical feature to Jaikoz, congrats to you on another reason why this is clearly the best tagger on the market.

So here it comes… Have you put anymore time or thought into implementing Beatport or the like for electronic/dance music?

Hi thanks, i think its a good idea, but sorry no not yet Classical has taken some time

Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but did Soundcloud integration ever make it in the roadmap? I am considering SongKong and so much of my music is from SoundCloud I don’t know if it would help…

This would be a great PRO feature to encourage upgrades. :slight_smile: