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Bandcamp support for SongKong

I can’t wait to test this ! I have so many BC releases not beein identified for now !

Let me know when you’ll get something to test.

thanks @paultaylor

Yes, but Im in interested to know don’t your bandcamp releases already have the same metadata in them as can be found on the bandcamp website ?

If this is the case matching from SongKong will give confirmation that you know what they are but may not add much new metadata

Quick answer -> Bandcamp releases obviously will contain all the metadata as they were grabbed from BC.

Lets identify some of these releases and check them together.

Now regarding the identification, I believe you are right, as the metadata do exist, and all the metadata will be there (in the local files AND on BC itself), the task is mostly a cross check, allowing Songkong to confirm it is a valid bandcamp release, and therefore identifying it as such, and allowing it to be renamed and moved to the “matched” folder.

By the way: you stated that most users won’t have any bandcamp releases in their library, are you so sure about that ? There are so many releases that are exclusively available on bandcamp that I hardly can believe this.

Yes but they are obscure releases that most people will not have heard off, I think you have to be a keen music collector to be using bandcamp, It will be interesting to hear from others.

By the way paul, as I as thinking about this, checking the bandcamp tags is obviously enough (same tags, exactly, as the BC releases actuallty comes from BC), BUT it is also important to add a tag to identify these releases as such and allow them to be renamed and get their artwork imbedded in the flac files :wink:

How is the dev ongoing ? :slight_smile:

Not started yet, has become high priority but not top priority, but you can vote for it here

are things going in the right direction so far ? :slight_smile: challenges ? issues ? :slight_smile:

Patience please, it will be started soon but currently working on AutoEdit and some boring but required code refactoring changes.

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Okay, further delays but we have now started on this, expect to be in next release.

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Bandcamp dev going well, thought I would give a sneak preview to see what your thoughts were.

Bandcamp Match is a new task that can be run on multiple folders like Fix Songs, and the options are a subset of Fix Songs as follows:






It generates a report in usual way:

Here we can see the information that can be added:

A few things to note

  1. We do a lookup on MusicBrainz for an artist matching the Bandcamp artist name, and if we get a match then we can add artist sort fields and MB Artist Ids from MusicBrainz, if not we don’t add those extra fields. From testing I have done so far it seems quite common for the artist to be on MusicBrainz but for most of the releases they have not to be - as in this case.

  2. We process the credits field to extract performers and certain roles such as composer/producer. But because it is a free text field we cannot always fully process the information so we always add the original free text field as a new SongKong field called Credits

  3. As you can see here there were no performer credits but we maanged to map credits to Engineer, Producer, Composer fields

  4. We dont curently add Cover Art or Mastering credits because we dont process them from MusicBrainz matching either at moment as more useful for useful to have separate fields for each role type rather than just plonking them all in a single field (although you can do this as well with the Add technical roles with own fields to Involved People field option) which means we have more work to do so we have concentrated on most requested roles, but will probably add support for more inclusing these two.

  5. We add Bandcamp Album Url and Bandcamp Artist Url fields, andf these are used in any rerun to determine if album has already been matched to bandcamp

  6. We also try to extract the Artist Official Url

  7. We get basic information such as TrackNo, Track Total, Release Type, Genres, Title

  8. We can also get Front Cover art.

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It’s very promising Paul ! Thank you for the update ! :slight_smile:

Here is an example that had some performer credits:

Tested against larger dataset and and added Bandcamp Filter

Added option to Ignore albums already matched to MusicBrainz and Discogs because this makes it easier to focus on unmatched albums, because of limits of the bandcamp search and rate limiting matching cannot be as quick as for MusicBrainz/Discogs


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Well, in my use case matched albums are moved to a matched folder. But for people re-processing the matched folder, I guess this will indeed be usefull ! :slight_smile:

Ah, thats a point.

Matched Folder option in Rename Files hasn’t been changed to consider a match to Bandcamp a match. And the Yes, if matched to a release option of Rename files based on metadata hasnt been modified to consider a match to bandcamp a match, so if you ran your rename task on albums matched to bandcamp only they wouldnt be renamed or moved.

I suppose they should ?

Well, here is where I am now, I basically do have a matched folder, where everything is matched, and should not be processed again, and I have a sump folder, where new music lands, and should be re-processed with the bandcamp feature, in order to try to reduce the unmatched amount of albums.

So once the bandcamp feat will be available, I guess I’ll want to run it on the whole Music_dump folder, where everything should be 100% identically tagged to the tags found on bandcamp (as they are actually coming FROM bandcamp).

once matched, the rename should indeed move the files to their usual Artist/Album/ folder inside music_matched.

By the way, you’ll notice how much terrabytes of dupes I was able to get rid of since I started using Songkong. It’s pretty impressive :slight_smile:

Now available

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I’m off atm, but I’ll add this to my list asap :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Paul !

hi @paultaylor,

Quick check of the new bandcamp feature, it looks like there is a problem when going back to a working task.


Once the task is tsrted, I can see the usual loaded tracks, saved tracks etc. screen. If I closethe browser, then go back to bandcamp task, the screen remains fully white, it’s impossible to have an idea of where the process is.

the logs are reporting things, though :