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Aurender, Songkong and Mac

I am new to Songkong, but I have the impression if I look at the tutorial for the multidisc problem that all the possibilities shown for minim server are not available for the combi Aurender-Mac.
After switching from Roon to Aurender I am left with a huge amount of multidis classical albums and I do not see possibilities in the Songkong interface to repair this.
Any help from other Aurender owners greatly appreciated.

Can you specify exactly what the issue is please, screenshots would be good.

First image is what I see on the mac, second image is what is in the help topic for a windows computer

If you are asking where are the options you get to these once you have selected profile and then Start. Selecting a profile just preloads a set of options but you can change them before actually beginning the task.

Or if you are asking where is this particular option. It is there but has changed slightly and the help is outdated. Modifying the release title so it varies for different discs is not really a good idea, so instead we now offer options to modify the DISCSUBTITLE field Tutorial 25: Multi Disc Albums

I’m still not clear what exactly is the issue with your existing metdata and how you would like it to be?

EDIT I have just reread your original question and I’m thinking you were using roon and saw an improvement in your metadata, but now you have stopped using roon metdata has reverted to previous poor state.

So the key thing is not to simply fix the album field for multi disc albums, but to correctly idenify all your albums which will then fix the metadata. So have you tried Fix Songs yet,at least in preview mode, to see what results you get?

The problem is that I switched from Roon to Aurender. Roon automatically created one album from all multidisk albums, with a subdivision CD1, CD2, etc. After importing my library, approximately 2500 albums, I now suddenly have 2900 albums because the multidisk albums are no longer merged. So I would really like to put the multisks CDs back into one album. The metadata is pretty good as far as I can see.

As I wrote before, metadata seem to be OK. I have the PRO version, so I corrected several albums with the Fix Songs option. Because my files are on a LAN it takes a long time to correct one CD, it is no option to scan the complete library although the results are spectacular for the 20 or so discs I fixed.

By no longer merged, I guess you mean you are currently storing disc no or disc name as part of album field and therefore each disc being seen as separate album ?

You should leave SongKong running overnight, I think you’ll find it does alot even on LAN once it gets going.