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Artwork all messed up in Naim app


I use a Melco N1 together with a Naim SuperUniti.
In my Naim app the album artwork is all messed up.
All artwork are in order in the folders on the Melco.
I’ve tried to reset all I can in the app tried to clear and rebuild the database in the Melco several times. Any suggestions?

Kind regards,

Hi Lars
I am unclear if your music is being served by the Melco N1 or the Naim SuperUniti ?

But if Melco, I assume you are using MinimServer in which case you would need to reindex as described here

If that is not the problem when you say album artwork is all messed up, can you be clearer about what that means.

Is Naim app showing new textual metadata added by SongKong or not ?

If you could run Create Support Files within SongKong that would be useful

Aah, I was running Twonky server on the Melco.
Switching to MinimServer seems to fix the problem.

Great, MinimServer is much better than Twonky in just about all situations.