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Artist missing from Folder


Apologies but new to Song Kong and Melco. Tonight I logged into Song Kong and selected an Artist on my Melco music library to search and update the album artwork.

The Artist has now disappeared from the Artist Folder view when I try and locate the in Linn Kazoo or Cumin but if I go into Folder View/Share/Import folder on the apps, I can find the original library I uploaded an in it, the Artist and Albums with updated Album covers.

How do I get this artist to show in the Album Artist list again?


Hi if you modify the data, then yiu need to rescan with MinimServer in order to pickup changes, please see Update MinimServer after fixing with SongKong


I have followed the steps as you suggest on the Melco and also with restarting my control point. However, I can only find the artist and albums I updated if I go into the original uploaded file of music.
If I use the control point to look at album artist or all artists, the artist is still not showing on the list???

Ok, from SongKong could you run Create Support Files so I can see you reports and the changes that SongKong made.


I’ve created the support file as requested and it’s been sent.



Hi, SongKong hasn’t actually done anything because you have Preview Only enabled

You need to disable Preview Only on the Basic tab.

Although it not clear to me why you have seen some changes because as I say SongKong hasn’t done anything.


When I’ve logged on tonight and checked, preview only was not selected? I’ve started to run Song Kong for all the recently imported files, but it now seems to stop/get stuck when it gets to 893 songs out of 21516.
I’ve stopped and cancelled the fix and then tried restarting from the beginning it but it appears to have frozen at the same point again?



It has just kicked back into life and is now slowly going through the files so fingers crossed.

I don’t know about that but it was definitely set to preview for reports one to four, and it would be set to preview by default until you install license and uncheck the Preview only option.

Okay, best resend your support files.

The report eventually ran over night and completed mid morning today. The artwork has been updated for a lot of albums. Will try editing and adding artwork this weekend when off and have the time.

I’ve managed to find the missing artist A Certain Ratio. They have been moved from A to C alphabetically. At least I can now find and play them.

Thank you for your help and support.



Okay this will because Control Point will now be sorted using the Artist Sort Name which was probably empty before. This comes from MusicBrainz, now I have to say this is almost always correct but must admit in this case I think incorrect because it is set to Certain Ratio, A but the A is a key part of the name and therefore I would keep as A Certain Ratio, may try and change it.

okay I think I have solved this particular confusion, you sent me the reports from SongKong installed on your mac (which is configured preview only), but you also ran SongKong directly on your Melco and this didn’t have preview enabled but you never sent me support files from Melco install.