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Any way to tell whether a task was launched as preview?

I’ve got a task that’s been running for about 10 hours and I’d like to know whether I set it off as a preview only (primarily because if I did, now I know how long it takes, I may be inclined to cancel and test on smaller sample)? Is it possible to tell from the song fix running screen or URL? If not, cld it be added maybe something like “Songs saved (preview only selected)”?

A follow on from that. Is the analysis that is taking place in preview saved in the DB and therefore if I run the exact task again without preview selected, it will be much quicker?

With Fix Songs task the progress bar will say Songs saved (if not preview) if running in preview mode

and just Songs Saved if not in preview

Should be similar for other tasks, so it sounds like not running in preview.

It will be quicker because the MusicBrainz/Discogs releases it had to retrieve first time round will now be cached in database. But it still has to do the searches, and also create fingerprints again for some songs which on slow machines (and nas are usually quite underpowered) can take a couple of seconds per song.

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