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Album Artists / Contributing Artists switched?

Quick question…I’m sure this is user error, but it seems like the album artists field and contributing artist fields are switched?

It’s my understanding that Album Artist should be the name of the band and any individual band members should be in another category. I have “Only use main artist in the artist field and add others to title field” and “Only use main artist in the album artist field and discard other artists” and I still can’t get the title artist in the album artist field.

Any help is appreciated!

Hi, this is a bug in Windows Explorer that for Flac files Album artist column prioritizes it’s data from the PERFORMER field rather than the ALBUMARTIST field, so it will use the PERFORMER field unless empty, in which case it will use the ALBUMARTIST field. if the PERFORMER field has multiple values (as in this case) Windows Explorer will show the last value. You can check the data gets written to the right field in SongKongs reports


For compatabilty with different system for SongKong writes performer details in the form to both the PERFORMER field and the INVOLVEDPEOPLE field. So if this is a problem you could add PERFORMER to Format:Delete all metadata from these fields to resolve the Windows Explorer issue whilst still having the performer details stored in the INVOLVEDPEOPLE field, but if performer details is important for your music player this may impact that.

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Worked like a charm. Thank you.