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Adding extra letter on local correct where there are brackets

Since 11.8 Belly local correct / correct title is adding an extra letter where there are brackets in the song title.


“(Original Mix)” becomes “(Ooriginal Mix)”
“(String Mix)” becomes “(Sstring Mix)”

If you do it again you get “(Oooriginal Mix)” and “(Ssstring Mix)” and so on…

Doesn’t happen on square brackets

Edit… Does it on Artist too

Sorry shouldn’t have missed that, bug in Title Case, will get it fixed this morning.

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Now fixed see 11.8 Belly on Mac (Intel) - just displays blank grey screen

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The new windows installer is doing nothing. It doesn’t bring up the install window and is just sitting under task manager as “Installer of Jaikoz” and nothing is happening. I’ve tried running as admin and restarting too.

If I run the 22/01 version it opens a window but only allows repair or deinstall.

Sorry, forgot to say because version number not changed on Windows you have to uninstall existing version first in order to be able to install newer version of 11.8

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Thanks, I’ve got the latest version now.

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