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1 song folders instead of albums or compilations grouping

Songkong keeps creating 1 song folders instead of grouping albums songs together.
I would simply like songkong to:

  • match and group as much album (artist/year/album name/artist name - title) or compilation (VA/Year/Album name/Artist name - Title) songs as possible
  • group single (1) songs together into one folder (Others/Artist name - Title)

For additional info, I have added a multidisc (4) VA compil and songkong has separated it in Albums, singles & a few songs only VA compil folders (4)

Only allow match if all songs in grouping match to one album is enabled
Only allow match if all tracks in album were matched is enabled
Rename files based on Metadata is enabled

I have been testing many options for a while now and cannot get it to work…

Is there any ways I can sort this out?

When you sent me your support files Only allow match if all songs in grouping match to one album was disabled and you have RenameMetadata from Files set to Yes for all files. Unfortunately this allowed SongKong to match individual songs to any album if it coud not match the grouping and then they would get renamed accordingly also even it did not match song it would get renamed based on existing data.

So its a bit of a mess now and subsequent runs wont hep much now because the starting point for SongKong is grouping songs by folders so it does not know where/if the rest of the files relating to an album are.

Are these albums Various Artist albums if so it is going to be very hard to recreate them, have you tried Undo Changes

I understand…I did many tests thinking songkong would actually be able to eventually find a different solution based on new criteria…undo will be impossible now…

I have 2 types of library including collected music over many years:

  • 1 with mainly single tracks (DJ library)
  • 1 with a mix of albums, compilations & single tracks (Various Library)

The one I am working on at the moment with SongKong is the “Various library” and specifically with a single tracks folder which includes all sort of tracks which I am not sure whether they are coming from albums, compilations or just singles.

The aim is just to sort them so they have a minimum order instead of having a 700 files folder which could include albums or compilations I would easily be able to identify…However a 1 or 2 files album folder is just pointless and better be part of a compilation or single files folder

I intend to apply the same principals to various other folders in this library as I have some specifics to different genres (Various R&B single files folder, Various Funk&Soul single files folder, Various Reggae single files folder, Various 80’ single files folder etc…)

Is there a way songkong could create compilations/albums (Groupings) from various single files it finds with same artists/titles as the original compilation/album/release? This would prevent having so many single file folders.

Hi, the best thing to do would probably be move all the files in the one folder folder to a single folder, then SongKong will try to group the songs in the folder and hopefully get some improvement.

hi Paul, done that yesterday and it still creates many 1 file folders…

If there are songs from the same artist I would hope that it would find albums that contains all the songs (assuming you have renabled Only allow match if all songs in grouping match to one album). If the albums required are Various Artist compilations albums then unlikely to find the right one.

Do you want to resend support files.

ok, I’ll resend the report later today Paul. Thx

support resent

something must be wrong…getting some whole albums kept in the “singles” folder instead of album ones…

just sent another support for this last test.

I don’t know what to do anymore for this to get to an acceptable result…

I can see errors like this in the Errors and Warnings section of report

Duplicate Path:/Volumes/Multimedia/Audio/Various/07 - Various Lounge/00 - Singles/Groove Armada - A Private Interlude (Kinobe remix)(Breakbeat).mp3 for /Volumes/Multimedia/Audio/Various/07 - Various Lounge/Various Singles/Groove Armada -A Private Interlude (Kinobe remix) (1).mp3 unable to rename

Do you have duplicate copies of these files ?

Sorry, just remembered I fixed this issue last week

should have a bug fix version (6.6.1) available for you later this week.

Thx Paul. Is this the cause of the albums not being considered as album though?

Not sure, but is a step towards solving the problem.

SongKong 6.6.1 now available, so please rerun and resend support files

New version installed and ran with no much improvement in the result…
Still got whole albums in “singles” folder.
Still got 1 file album/compilation folders
Also got duplicated folders (album name+(1)) that could be merged in one

new support file sent.

  1. It has run better, the checked against MusicBrainz and Discogs before task cancelled by SongKong because of unreported error should be ignored, this should have been fixed by [SONGKONG-1894] - Unexpected Error because songs loaded greater than song sent to StartMatcher, but I made a mistake in the fix.

  2. The remaining Duplicate Path errors can be ignored but confusingly for me they are occurring because trying to rename files to a new filename that is the same except for case i.e using ‘of’ instead of ‘Of’. Windows is case-insensitive so prevents this but you are running on MacOS which treats as different so problem should not occur. Can you help me with this, is it a Windows formatted disk or something ?

  3. Okay I think I have found the problem with albums not being moved to albums folder, in your mask you have


but mbreleasetype can contain multiple values, primary types like Album and secondary types like Soundtrack so you need to use


more info at

So please fix the rename masks and rerun and we can take it from there.

Actually I have realized that because this fails SongKong then trys to rename the subfolder part by adding a (1) to folder name and this is causing the unnecessary (1) folders. So I need to fix this but first I need to understand MacOS complaining about writing new filename that only differs in case, so waiting for info from yourself.

Although I am running SongKong from an OSX plateforme, the files are located on to a QNAP nas, would that be the cause?

ok, will try that when back home later on today.

Although I am running SongKong from an OSX plateform, the files are located on to a QNAP nas, would that be the cause?

I would have thought that being a linux based system Qnap would treat the name in different case as different, but maybe they have modified something. Maybe it is related to Samba or similar if that is what is used to access the Nas files,

What Qnap nas do you have, and are you aware you can install SongKong on many of their nas drives -

yes I’m aware I can install songkong on the qnap :wink:

It’s a TVS471