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Your Collection

Wasn’t sure where to ask this as it is very general, but there is a pretty good number of you on this site.

How many of you have music you dislike in your collection? Do you have it only to complete the albums or are they even whole albums that you dislike but only keep to complete discographies?

Even you even keep music from artists you dislike? If so why? (I keep some only because when throwing a party I know some people like that music.)

It’s a pointless question to Jaikoz development and problems but I was curious to ask some music lovers.

I used to share a giant MP3 drive (secretly) around on a corporate network. IT was on my side, and I would only give secure rights to people I trusted. I also opened up read/write permissions on a “New Songs” folder that let people rip their albums there or add whatever they already had.

I was in charge (volunteered) of filing and organizing these collections. As this drive was for the masses, I couldn’t just not file something because I didn’t like them.

So, the corporation changed, the drive disappeared, but I kept the popular stuff for the party peeps - like wynlyndd said. Even within my family, we all like different genres so I have it all.

I collect discographies, so I get the full CD regardless if I like 1 song or none. However I am mostly worn out and tired, I plan to not continue this after I update and convert the music into iTunes. Seriously I’ve had enough :S

Why ?

I have a lot of music I don’t like, simply cause some of my friends like it, or I hope to force myself to liking it. It’s as simple as that