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Year of compilation vs. year of original release

Hi Paul,

Sorry if this topic has already been discussed. I found a few similar topics, but not answering my point.

Among my disc collection, I have some compilation album, typically “best of…”.

I would like to have each song date being tagged with the original release year, but I would like to keep all songs grouped in the same destination folder.
The point is that I’m using “year” in the folder path of my filename mask.

So either I lose the original date (here: all date are the year when the compilation was issued)

… either the songs are dispatched in various folders

I’m using “year” in my mask, and not “originalyear”.

So what did I wrong?!

Thanks for your help.

I assume you have Use Original Release Date enabled

With that enabled the original release date is stored in Year field instead of the release date, therefore if you then use Year for your rename mask it will use original release date.

Currently the choice are:

  • Not set that option, you can still get the original release year from OriginalReleaseDate field
  • Use that option but do not rename your files
  • Process your songs twice, firstly run with option disabled and renaming enabled, then second time with option enabled but renaming disabled, you could set up two profiles to achieve this.

This is a known issue, and I do intend to improve this but not entirely sure of the best solution, if you have suggestions…

Hi Paul,

From my perspective, the most simple solution would be to add a new variable, let’s call it “album release year” (or something close) in complement of year and originalyear. This way, I’ll just have to slightly change my rename mask and be happy!


Okay that makes sense, updated SONGKONG-317 and SONGKONG-1715 accordingly.

Just to be sure: is there any “visitor” access to you JIRA?

Sorry, there used to be, and there is meant to be but Atlassian made a load of changes to JIRA and it is currently not working, on the TODO list.

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@jeromeip Visitor access now enabled.

Working indeed!
Thanks for the notice.

This is fixed in SongKong 7.0.

Works like a charm :ok_hand:
Thanks, Paul!