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Year field is showing the full date and not the year

Dear all,

For the Jaikoz 11.7 I am trying that the year field only will show the year. But no matter what I do, it keep showing the full date. And for the Mediamonkey 4, I would like to see only the year to.

Can anyone help, maybe it’s problem with Jaikoz or my settings (see the below pictures)


On Year correct tab you have What should the Year contain set to Store Date but it should be set to Store Year

Hello Paul,

This I also have tried and I thought that I had in the screenshot. But it seems in the later I was mistaking. But now I have set the Store Year for sure and have some example, that before I do the Jaikoz, the date is shown as year and after some are shown as date. See the screen shots below;


Sorry I looked into this some more and there is already an issue raised for this

You cannot currently restrict Jaikoz to only store year when matching to MusicBrainz or Discogs. However, if you have Local Correct:Year Correct:What should the Year contain set to Store year and run Local Correct:Year Correct afterwards then it will update the value of the Year field

BTW we do already have this option in SongKong