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Wrong mapping using AcoustID

When Jaikoz tries to find a match using the AcoustID, this often happens incorrectly. This is the case when there are several sources for this AcoustID. Actually, the title with the highest number of sources should be chosen, but unfortunately, this is rarely the case.

As you can see in this example , When I See You has the highest number of sources with 12. But Jaikoz mapps to Blue Monday with only 3 sources. (There are many others examples where the number of souces between the titles is much more different)
In almost most cases, the correct title is the one with the highest number of sources. If there should be an AoustID with more than one title with the same number of sources, this can be tolerated if the wrong title is selected.
This wrong mapping happens more often lately, because more wrong titles are entered under one acoustid.
Theoretically you could check in the Additional user-submitted metada under the column title, which title is actually the right one (at least if you look at the web page).

Please check this issue and if possible repair it.

Here is another example where Jaikoz matches Don’t Leave Me This Way instead of Country Boy

Arre you just tryihg to match single songs.I thjink may be similar issue we have on SongKong and I will investigate some next week.

I have re-mapped the album Fats Domino - Out of New Orleans (
I used the MBID:10c2a532-397d-4fc2-9106-1056d33ff126 and ran it with Match Songs to Specified MusicBrainz Album. I did this for each CD separately (since Jaikoz refuses to match all 8 CDs at once with the message: Unable to find a suitable release for the selected songs.).
It happened several times that a wrong mapping of a song to another song of the same album was performed.The result of the investigation of the wrong mapping I have presented in the first mail.

Correct is that this wrong mapping happens not only in this case but also when I want to match e.g. 100 single songs with MusicBrainz (I think same issue in Songkong like in Jaikoz).
Settings at Jaikoz.
Only allow match if all songs on album are matched -> disabled
Only allow match if all songs in grouping match to one album -> disabled

In summary, if you apply the Submit MusicBrainz/AcoustID Pair to the Server command to these incorrectly mapped songs, you create exactly the mess you find on the Acoustid server.
In my opinion, this misbehavior of Jailoz/ Songkong has to have the highest priority to prevent further confusion of tracktitle <-> AcoustID.

I have raised this issue for and will fix it soon.

BTW I am currently working on a Jaikoz release, progress has been slow because of some quite major internal changes but am getting there so this fix will be part of next release !