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Wrong license purchased, how can I cancel it?

Hi, I just buy SongKong License for Melco. But it was 35£ and invoice described as “SongKong Standard”, and there is no License Key emailed…
It was confused that upgrade from SongKong Melco License was 50£, but after I press buy button, cart shows 35£ SongKong standard is on cart. There should be some error on page. So, How I can cancel this wrong license purchase and buy correct SongKong Melco Upgrade license??

I’m sorry have been updating the Melco website and had added an incorrect link. I have now refunded your payment and corrected the website, if you reload the page and retry it should now show Melco license.

The license details are sent in a separate email to the payment confirmation email.

Yes, cancelation done. And I purchase Melco upgrade license successfully this time. Got license code at once, and I activate my SongKong immediately. Thanks for your quick response and support!

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