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Wrong and odd tags

Hi Paul,

AFAIK I have the settings for SongKong to use the Genre and Style tags from Discogs.

Sometimes it goes well, sometimes not.
Sometimes albums tagged with SongKong gets weird tags (screenshot 1).

I tagged with Mp3tag afterwards and it is like the Discogs tags, what is to expect (screenshot 2). What is happening?

1. tagged with SongKong

2. tagged with Mp3tag

3. Settings


Hi, could you please run Create Support Files that way I can see exactly what SongKong actually added in the reports.

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Thanks, okay I cannot give you a definitive answer, but can see likely problems and what you could do resolve it.

This is what it has added based on your options (Style and Genre) which is correct.

But ID3 has predefined values for certain genres so the (66) you see is mapped to New Wave , and (16) is mapped Reggae, and (52) is mapped to Electronic , see
for full list.

Notice that for the Original Value the third line is empty, its possible that has confused SongKong and maybe it has written the numerical values incorrectly which has confused the music player, or it could be that the music player does not support numerical values. It could also be because you have MP3 Metatag Version set to Same as or v23 it may be better to set to v24.

There is a way to force SongKong to always write the genres as text, do this by setting Save songs so they work best with MacOS Music app to Yes on the Save tab. But this has the side effect of setting album artist to blank for various artists albums, so we plan to add a separate option

Paul, thanks for investigating. It seems the setting chugging from V23 to V24 will do the job.
I have tested some directories and they seems to be fine.

SongKong is now doing the rest. If necessary I let you know.

Edit: I am mainly using Roon.