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Wishlist: Add highlight or filter for mismatched songs

After each Auto Correct action with a big number of songs, there may be some mismatches, where a song is not matched to the right song in MusicBrainz. With such a mismatch, the name of the artist in the Artist field is wrong, and/or the title in the Title field is wrong. What is the best way, to quickly find such mismatches? At the moment, the best way to do this, is, in the Edit Panel, for each song, to visually compare the value in the Artist and Title columns, with the value in the Filename column (assuming that the Filename value contains the correct artist name and title). This visually checking of each song, is rather inconvenient, when the list of songs is long. There should be a better way to do this.

So I suggest to add two options to the Filters/Highlight Field submenu:

  • Highlight an Artist field, if the value of this Artist field is not contained in the Filename field of this song (or if the Artist field is empty).
  • Highlight a Title field, if the value of this Title field is not contained in the Filename field of this song (or if the Title field is empty).

Highlighting the Artist and Title fields in this way, is helpful, when the list of songs is long, and when you quickly want to see songs that need attention because of a possible mismatch. Such highlights can also be used to check that file names are correct.

Sometimes there may be a “false positive” – for instance, when a title is Have You Seen Her?, and the filename doesn’t contain a question mark. Such false positives will not be a problem, when most highlights point to songs that do need attention.

Even better:
Perhaps it is possible, to create a filter in the Filters menu, that only shows the songs with a highlighted Artist and/or Title field (as described above). Such a filter would be a combination of a filter and a highlight command. If it is possible to create such a filter, there is no need anymore for the two “Highlight Field” options as described above. (Perhaps it is better, to put the check if an Artist and/or Title field is empty, in a separate filter – because in such cases, there may not be a mismatch, but no match at all.)

This is a reasonable suggestion but it does sort of assume that you have atrtist/title in filename and that the filename is correct.

I wonder if you have missed another feature of Jaikoz. If you select View/Show View Pane then the screen is split and you can compare existing value (in top half) with new value (in bottom half) - as you vertically you scroll in one window the other keeps in sync

When checking whether the value of Artist and Title is correct, it does indeed assume that artist and title are in the filename, and that the filename is correct. Or, when checking whether the filename is correct, it does assume that the value of Artist and Title is correct, and that these values are supposed to be in the filename. In a situation that such an assumption is not true, it is better to take a different approach.

If the point is to identify inconsistencies between Artist/Title and Filename in the same row of a table (regardless of whether/when values in that table have changed), I think it is smart to just look in that one table (and not to also look in another table).

If the point is to identify changes in values, and to compare the original value with the new value, then having two synced tables (View Panel and Edit Panel) with those changes marked purple, is a good idea.