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Wishing to "un-Upgrade" back to Jaikoz 10.0

Hi Paul,

I upgraded to Jakioz 10.1, a few weeks back, but realized once it was installed I was locked out as my upgrade period has expired. I have been considering if I sould purchase a new years upgrade pass since. At the moment with covid and restraints on my income, I can not at present justify the cost. I do hope to in the future.

There for could you please provide me with a download link for Jaikoz 10.0 for 64bit windows. (I believe my licence will work with this version) as I am unable to find it on my system or on the office website.

Many Thanks


As well as a number of macOS features like Dark mode and Music app support there are alot of bug fixes in 10.1 that affect all platforms that means audio files can be read and modified more consistently. But if you really want to go back to 10.0 I can give you a link, but what platform is it for ?

Hi paul for now yes I would like to, once I am more stable with income ill happy continue to support your work on this great software.

Im on windows 10 64bit

Many Thanks

Okay I have created a page that will provide links to older versions of Jaikoz from Jaikoz 10.0 onwards -

Thank you for this Paul, its much appreciated.

I am happily back up and running now.

Thanks again