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Wish there was an option to disable reports!

Really tired of dealing with this ‘reports’ screen, wish there was a toggle in options to disable it! Useless and annoying function.

If I understand you correctly you need to set After SongKong has finished processing songs to Never open Report in browser and this will disable opening of report at end of task.

But I disagree they are useless since they show a summary and then exact details of everything that has been modified, without this you dont know what SongKong has done.

Just saw this, thank you!

Right. And I couldn’t care less about that summary. At all.

There isn’t just a summary you can see exactly what has been changed for nay album, folder or song, now okay if you don’t care what SongKong has changed then fine. But if you ever have a problem with the changes SongKong has made at some point, you may find the reports useful, but even if you don’t and you then request support from me then I will find the reports useful, in fact without the reports probably not possible for me to help you.