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Win10 Install problem New Version 10.1 Pavement

Dear ,

I just installed the upgrade to Jaikoz 10.1 Pavement. After the install I see that I have 2 versions now … The old one and the new one … How do I remove the old one ? as the uninstaller is not saying which version will be affected …? I only have 1 uninstaller , The problem is that I am afraid to uninstall both version … and than I loose my settings for tagging too…

See sreenshots below
Kind rgds
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Hi, your settings are stored in C:\Users\username\Jaikoz so will not be removed if you uninstall Jaikoz or delete C:/Program Files/Jthink/Jaikoz

If instead of Apps and Features you use the older Program and Features (there is a link on Apps and Features) you can also display a version column, the newest release has version 10.1.0.

If you run the new Jaikoz as administrator (Run as Administrator) as one off that enable it to remove old files from the Program/Jthink/Jaikoz folder. But if you want to remove the old version of Jaikoz from Program and Features you’ll have to proceed with Uninstall, if it does remove the new version as well then you can just reinstall it.