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Why was an incorrect vinyl Release identified?

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I have been using a CD Rip of Bowie’s Aladdin Sane as a my test album, but can’t workout why the wrong musicbrainz release is being linked (leading to the wrong Discogs ID)

All my music is either CD Rip or digital download, so I never want it linked to vinyl. I have also unticked vinyl in the media format options window.

The existing metadata is accurate, as is the rip itself (AccurateRip confirmed to FLAC).

The Release Group ID is correct, but the very first ReleaseID has been taken as the correct version, which then adds the wrong Cat No, barcode etc. to the metadata (as well as the wrong discogs info)

I manually added the barcode and media values to the album tracks and re-ran ‘fix songs’ but it made no difference.

The correct version is present in the list of releases, so what more can I do to improve my chances of getting a correct match?

Hope this makes sense!

You have unticked Vinyl, have you also ticked CD (this would help give CD releases a small boost) ?

Now if already matched then by default SongKong will not rematch it will just update the songs with any new data for the album for the already matched song, so if you haven’t already please try setting For songs already fully matched to Rematch on the Basic tab, does that work ?

If two version of the release have the same audio then its not always easy to get the exact right match. Since barcode/catno are not usually stored in the original files we dont consider these when finding a match, but it is something we could consider to enable your attempt at matching specific release to work

+1 for putting this on the development list. It would be a nice option for users to try and force a correct match in the absence of other distinguishing metadata.