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Why am I unable to import performer information

I used songkong to retag my jazz albums.

However, I don’t have performer information that is available on Musicbrainz.

For example, if you look at the overview for the Bill Frisell album “Guitar in the space age”, there are listing for performers and the instruments played for each track. I put these files into Jaikoz, but don’t see any of this information.

How do I obtain this information?

Can you email screenshot of Jaikoz Classical tab (this shows Performer) as it seems that Jaikoz does have this information (via Albunack db) and therefore should add it.

Tried to send it, but am getting a server error. How else should I submit?

Please email

From the screenshot you sent it doesn’t look like the songs have actually been matched to MusicBrainz, i.e the Year field looks incorrect, has Jaikoz actually matched them to a MusicBrainz album ?