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Which version of Javascript is supported for user defined functions?

I attempted to enhance my javascript function to remove diacritics signs (i.e. É --> E) and found this nice solution here:

str.normalize("NFD").replace(/[\u0300-\u036f]/g, "")

but it appears to be possible only with ECMAScript 6.
So which version of JS is currently supported by Songkong?

It only supports up to ECMAScript 5.1

However removal of diacritics is already available by enabling the File Naming:Simplify non-standard characters option (which is enabled by default).

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Thanks for the answer.
I don’t want to remove diacritics in the name of the file, but I just want to extract the initial letter to group artists. So (for example) Édith Piaf belongs to E entry (just like in a dictionnary) without losing her delicious French accent :grin: (pun intended).

I’ll find a 5.1 compatible workaround!