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Where to get version 11.4_1183 from 05.18.2022?

I’m using version 11.4_1181, and I get a message notifying me of the new update to a later version 11.83 of the same series compatible with my 10.11 system.
I have already seen that from version 11.5 it requires 10.12, so I have to keep it in the 11.4 branch. But if the program reports an update labeled 11.4, does that mean it’s compatible? Furthermore, does it exist? Because every time I try to download it, it downloads the same one that I already have installed. Or the 11.5 that are not compatible.
I have found three different versions: the two on the cover page, which claim to be for 10.12 (intel or ARM). And the one located at the bottom, labeled as legacy, which leads to a single version 11.4_1181, dated 03/22/2022 and when installing and opening, it gives me the same pending update message again.

The updater knows there is a newer version available than 11.4 (11.5) but it doesn’t know it is incompatible, because when we released 11.4 we didn’t know 11.5 would be incompatible with MacOS 10.11. Unfortunately I don’t currently have a way to stop you getting these update messages for incompatible versions.