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Where I can download 9.4.1?

Based on the thread at, I tried:

but that returns a 404.


Not for me, if I use the link from
and there the MacCOS link -> download started: Jaikoz-osx.dmg (87,3MB)

pangloss assume you want to download earlier version to not pay the small license update fee, this came in with 9.4.0 that is why the link is to 9.3.0

Ah, thanks! I had misunderstood and thought the new license/upgrade structure only started w/ 10.0. Actually, I’m mostly holding off because:

a) I want to see what, if anything, breaks when Catalina comes out
b) I must have totally missed your release of SongKong and mean to try it out in case that’s a better fit for me

Either way, I’m a happy user of Jaikoz and happy to continue to support your efforts with a purchase in the near future. I do wish you would cut your releases with stable version links (e.g. “/download/jaikoz-10.0.0-macos.dmg” that included a SHA-256 checksum). But I digress…

Thanks for this useful link.