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Where are moods written?

Just purchased Jaikoz. I’ve read through the HUGE manual a bit, but I don’t see where “moods” is recorded in any tags ?

Mood is stored in the Mood field, did you check that ?

But for Jaikoz to add Mood there are some requirements:

  1. You need a Pro license
  2. The songs must be matched to MusicBrainz
  3. Thee songs must have been processed previously by AcousticBrainz

so you probably cannot get Mood for all songs in Jaikoz

For songs linked to MusicBrainz but missing AcousticBrainz you can user the AcousticBrainz client to anaylse your files and submit the data to AcousticBrainz, then Jaikoz will be able to pick up the acoustic data and add Mood (and BPM ectera).