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Whats yours best renaming scheme ?

Post here your folder/track saving option. “Code” and result. We want to learn how to do better folder/track structure. And your opinion, why you use this scheme. Maybe admin add some of them into Jaikoz as presets :mrgreen:

my fav: [%trackno%] - %artist% - %album% - %title%

being a command line geek, this makes easier to sort MP3s. Track number at beginning make easier to select which track to listen :slight_smile:

mpg321 [01]->tab


Folder Structure:

/jukebox/main folder - Jaikozed/

[1 to F]///---.mp3

[G to L]///---.mp3

[M to S]///---.mp3

[T to Z]///---.mp3

[The]///---.mp3 (this is a special folder for all the bands that have The in the front because sometimes there are entries in musicbrainz both with and without the “The” and some bands really are the somethings…so I need to do something with these…eventually)

[foreign language or symbol]///---.mp3 (this is for the rare few tracks and albums that I have that use non-Latin characters like Cyrillic or Japanese characters)

Why do I leave so much information in the filename of the mp3? Well there are still alot of players out there that do not seem to read id3 tags well (particularly car stereos). However, this doesn’t really help much because they are also often space limed and so you see a folder that has all the same characters on the front and the information that changes is chopped off and not displayed. So for that reason, I may switch to -.mp3.

My friends and I still argue over the value of having artist and album info in the filename since as we get better about tags, that information shoud be embedded and plus it already is in the folder structure, plus it can mess up sorting since ideally, I should always see it in track order.

then again, I also feel I should break away from such analness, because I might not should be interacting with the file system so much and resort to tags and searches and abstract away some details which I think is a struggle for people for people like me don’t want to rely on searches to find information.

and don’t get me started about compilations and various artists cds. I am still not sure what to do about them.

   - Audio Books -
      Book Title (Author)
         track 1.mp3
         track 2.mp3
   - Compilations -
      Compilation a1
         - Compilation a1 -.m3u
         track 1.mp3
         track 2.mp3
         track 3.mp3
   - Soundtracks -
      Soundtrack a1
         - Soundtrack a1 -.m3u
         track 1.mp3
         track 2.mp3
         track 3.mp3
   Artist a1
      Album a1
         - Album a1 -.m3u
         track 1.mp3
         track 2.mp3
         track 3.mp3
         track 4.mp3
   Artist b1
      Album b1
         - Album b1 -.m3u
         track 1.mp3
         track 2.mp3
         track 3.mp3

So this looks like “I:\(hed) p.e\Broke\Bartender.mp3”,
with a playlist at “I:\(hed) p.e\Broke\- Broke -.m3u”

I place the “-” around the specific folders and M3U’s to keep them at the top of the lists in explorer. So far, this is compatible with my D-Link uPNP device and my PS3 and playlists load properly.

There’s been a subtle debate over what to do with Comps. I file them like a regular album, with the Comps actual release date. They don’t get used as much as regular albums, so there’s not much issue. I also figure if someone really needs to know what a song is, they can google it.

I’m also thinking about splitting off a “- Comedy -” folder as this section is growing at a decent rate.

These are all very useful in case of full albums, but I was wondering, what do you do with single songs? I have quite a number of (most of all old) songs I started downloading/ripping back in 1996 until now. What would you do with those? Do you also process them with Jaikoz? And if so with what kind of scheme?

I have no idea yet how to take care of them but I would like to process them anyway.

I just throw those in the Artist folder also. So there’s loosies below the album folders.

That’s one option I also thought about, but in the end it will actually also create a bunch of Artist folders with just one or two songs in. Perhaps I will create some kind of VA folder for these, don’t know yet.