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What major feature/improvement would you most like to see in SongKong?

What major feature/improvement would you most like to see in SongKong. I have made a list of ideas I have but if your top requirement is not listed please post a reply.

  • Improve song matching coverage
  • BandCamp coverage
  • Beatport Coverage
  • Automatch single album task
  • Improve album artwork coverage
  • Improve album artwork quality
  • Support for Pdf booklets
  • Support for other audio formats (e.g .ape)
  • More advanced Manual Editing
  • Calc AcousticBrainz data (e.g Bpm) when missing for songs
  • Mac M1 build
  • Vortexbox native build
  • Implement Field locking so cant be modified at song level

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Interface… 2¢


Please, add support vor Musicvideos. .

The interface is fine for normal operation but when performing the manual editing stuff then, again, like jaikoz, the ui could be a hell of a lot more user friendly and intuitive if more time was put into it. This would make the experience much better and therefore the overall use of the software and its reputation remarkably improved. Use of colour is a good starting point.

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Hi, the manual editing is very much addon added to allow editing for devices that are only accessible via webpage such as qnap, synology, melco, if i was doing manual editing on a PC or mac I would use Jaikoz. So it is less developed then other parts but since we do have many melco and nas customers it would make sense to beef it up, thanks for your suggestions.

Please if you dont like the user interface can you give me some examples of how you would like it improved because I really cant see an issue with it (apart from the Manual Editing task), that doesnt mean there is no issue just that I can’t see it.

Good to hear from you.
Stay safe

Give an option to disable report generation. Those reports are useless, I can’t even figure out how to read them.

Paul, I also use a program called EZMeta Tag Editor for tagging. It is useful because in addition to musicbrainz, it also includes GDE and WMP/Gracenote as tagging sources. Any chance you could incorporate either of these into Songkong/Jaikoz. In addition, I also use album art downloader which often gives great choices for artwork. Could this be incorporated?

I think that this app would benefit from a revamp of the user interface. It is too complex .

I would be grateful if you could expand on this problem. The reports open in web browser and use the very standard Boostrap 5 so I’m suprised you are finding them so unreasonable unless maybe you are hitting this unresolved issue

Perhaps you could post a screenshot

We cant use Gracenote because that stops us using anything else, and the data is too expensive and not that good, also I think the MusicBrainz project is the best way forward. What I am working on is an easier way to get more albums into MusicBrainz .

Don’t know what GDE is ?

I have some ideas for improving artwork coverage.

Could you give us some examples, to me the UI seems very straightforward

  • Select music folder
  • Optionally select Profile
  • Select task
  • Review Options
  • Start

Maybe you mean there are too many options, we do hide some with the Advanced view but I dont see that more than a couple could be removed, is this what you mean or something else ?

I am sorry Paul. I mean GD3. And yes, an easier way to get albums into musicbrainz from either SongKong or Jaikoz would be great. I have tried to directly conribute on the Musicbrainz site and it is a nightmare. And they never stop sending you emails about corrections.

Okay, I think GD3 has the same issues as Gracenote really, if I was to add another source it would be a primary source like Bandcamp.

Did you know you can submit releases from Jaikoz already (Action:Remote Correct:Submit New Release), although it only seeds the release editor you still have to at least press submit on the website.

But what I am really meaning is separate from Jaikoz/SongKong a way of finding missing albums from MusicBrainz and making it easy to submit them, made a start with New Acoustid Album Archive but still have work to do with this.

That would be great. I have a number of albums I’d love to submit to Musicbrainz but am reluctant to given problems I have had in the past.

Thank you for your interest .
The options are not always intuitive, a menu system with some hints on the purpose of each option might help. Having to refer to the user manual is cumbersome.
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ReplayGain tags would be greatly appreciated. When moving new music to my server I will use Foobar2000 as well as SongKong in order to add the ReplayGain data. Wouldn’t it be nice to eliminate Foobar2000?

You are quite right this would be very useful, in fact I would add it the poll but I cant modify the poll once people start voting, I think best to add as a new task rather than add to the Fix Songs task

Okay, are you using the desktop or web interface ?
Both have help or tooltips for each option



So are you saying you cant see the help/tooltip or that it is not detailed enough ?