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What kind of setup do i need to use


i am new in this, bought the pro version because i was surprised in a positive way of the concept.

but how can i manage to get my songs in folders named like this

ALBUM (Artist) (YEAR)\Songname

For example

King of Metal (MANOWAR) (1986)\01-Sting of a Bumblebee.mp3

regards Odi

Hi, you can create this filename mask in Preferences

album + ' ' 
+ '(' + albumartist +') '
+ '(' + (albumyear.length>4 ? albumyear.substring(0,4):albumyear) +')/'
+ pad(trackno,2) + '-'
+ title

give it a name of your choice and select OK

Then when you select Fix Songs you need to modify the Rename files based on metadata option, by default it is set to No. I always advise that if you want to rename your files to only set it to Yes if matched to a release because that ensures SongKong only renames files that it has good metadata for, if you set it to Yes for all files or Yes if has metadata then the metadata may not be good enough to generate a good filename.

Then select the Rename mask on the Filenaming tab, you may also want to select as the Compilation Rename Mask, or create a different mask if you have different rules for Various Artist Compilations.

One point for consideration, most music player and tagging tools (including SongKong) assume in the first instance that each folder represents a different album. With the filenaming mask you have requested multiple albums by the same artist will be stored in the same folder, that could cause problems with some tools. I would always advise using an AlbumArtist/Album folder structure.

Ahh ok … good to know… so you would prefer the other structure.
Well i am sure you got more experience than me and i will follow your sugesstions

thanks a lot

regards Odi

Yes, they are preferred, a good option is the existing AlbumArtistorArtist/Album/Disc - Track - Title mask