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What is so special about Roon?

I would like to know what is so special about Roon. I’m doing the trial period and I don’t even see it populating the Roon fields in Jaikoz.

Roon is simply a music controller/player that can work with your music and streaming platforms Tidal and Quoboz, however in the world of hifi it stands up very favorably to the alternatives, mainly uPnP control points.

It has a nicer user interface, which makes significantly better use of metadata, they have their own metadata database built with data from MusicBrainz and Amg. Because they have their own api and do not have to adhere the uPnP standard like the uPnP control points this allows them to optimize their offering more easily.

Also unlike standard control points Roon also has the ability to identify your music, however this only works so far which is why many Roon users use SongKong or Jaikoz to get their metadata in better shape before adding their music to Roon.