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Wave files tagging


it would be a nice feature to enable wave files tagging. Wave firmat is the single format audiophiles use beaceuse they slightly sound better then others and dod not need conversion before playback.

Can you plan such new functionality ?

Thank you


Trouble is this format doesnt really support tagging.

Is it really better sounding than lossless formats ?

Latest articles from The Absolute Sounda and discussions on audiophile community prove that WAVE do sound better than other loseless formats, mainly becasue FLAC <-> Wave conversions are really not exactly loseless.

WAVE files do support tagging and almost all leading software packages like JRiver, Foobar support WAVE taging. The 3 leading ripping software like EAC, JRiver and dbPoweramp also support WAVE tagging.

This is really a feature of great importance for audiophiles.


Really, how come ?

Maybe I am wrong about not-loseless FLAC -> Wave and back, but still Wave do sound better to many than FLAC.

Here is article - one of many regardingthis topic. On teh bottom there are more references.

This is the best discussion about FLAC - Wave.

I’m kind of astonished there doesnt seem to be a definitive answer to this question

Flac, WAV, MP3 - who cares what people like to use - this is their choice.
The question remains, “is there any chance that Jaikoz will support WAV tagging at some time in the future?”
(I’ve got loads of WAV files)

Yes, there is a very good chance.

I would like very much to be able to tag my wave files. I have my ISRC numbers and I want to add this information. The MP3 format is not good to make physical original CDs.

True, but you could use a lossless format such as Flac, then no audio quality is lost but you can tag them properly and the size of the audio file is much smaller than wav because compressed losslessly.