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Wav metadata tagging question


I am quite impressed with the tagging for files especially wavs. I am even more impressed that Rekordbox picks up the tag and uses it. I was wondering specifically what tag is applied to a wav file for Rekordbox to use it?

A simple ID3 tag on a wav file seems to have no effect, I wonder if you used another type of tag for wavs?

Hi Ben, it is a standard ID3 tag but within an id3 wav chunk, you cannot just simply add an Id3 tag to the end or start of a wav file. ID3 tags added to wav files the correct way has been a defacto standard for many years now actually and support my most modern software, although alot of people still think that wav files cannot be tagged properly.

Yes I thought that might be the case. I have been experimenting with Python & Mutagen to try to see how the info is stored but I cannot get Rekordbox to read the ID3 info I attach to the file. Are you storing the id3 data within the INFO chunk?

The tags themselves also, by chance are you naming them by their data names such as IART:

Hi, no they are an alternative to the INFO chunk. My tagging library is opensrc and used by many applications, feel free to look at at -

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I will have a look at it thanks. I think Rekordbox reads only the INFO chunk and I see your tagger does add to this chunk if the ID3 does not exist already. I wonder if that is what Rekordbox is reading.

From the docs:

Its write ID3 and INFO chunks, however INFO chunks can only hold basic information (artist/album/title ecetera)

For the purpose of this experiment all that is needed to speed up any given workflow is the limited info within the INFO chunk. For example, one of the most time intensive processes when using Rekordbox is dropping tracks into it and having to manually change the artist name & track title because the INFO chunk does not exist with this simple data.

I will take a look at that route, thank you for the response :slight_smile: