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Wav file album library

As a newbee to Jaikoz and SongKong I would love a bit of guidance to make sure I am doing this correctly.

I am currently using Roon as my music player. My album library of 3250 albums are in the WAV file format. I want to be able to use other players like JRiver and my plan is to add the metadata and album art to each album folder using either Jaikoz or SongKong. I am importing an Album Folder into jaikoz, adding the metadata and album art, then saving back to its folder. Then importing that folder into JRiver. All looks good and the metadata appears to be there, and when I convert the albums to FLAC the meta data comes across. Am I doing this correctly?

Can SongKong or Jaikoz automatically run thru the albums and add the art and meta data, Is this correct, as I cannot find a way to do this?

Thank you so much, Ron

If you run metadata against Wav and then convert to Flac I think you will find that not all metadata fields will be converted correctly. The popular ones will, but less popular such as the ones that store MusicBrainz Ids probably will not be, this is because sometimes the fieldname is not exactly the same for all formats and so though it may still be in the Flac version its fieldname will not be the correct name for the Flac format and therefore not recognized by applications expecting the correct name. So if you only want Flac may as well do the metadata matching after conversion, or do you want Wav and Flac versions ?

For Example:

Wav uses ID3, and with ID3 the MusicBrainz Release Id is stored in a custom tag (TXXX) with the name MusicBrainz Album Id , using a tool such as DbPoweramp it understands TXXX frames so will happily convert this field to Flac tag with the name MusicBrainz Album Id, however for the Flac format MusicBrainz enabled apps expect the MusicBrainz Release Id to be stored in a field called MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMID. So although the field has been converted it will not be read by MusicBrainz enabled applications.

If you convert to Flac first and then run Jaikoz on the file it will correctly add the MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMID field for the Flac files, and therefore no problem.

Yes, this is what the main Fix Songs task does in SongKong, so I don’t really understand when you say you cannot find a way to do this.