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Wanted: two-way spreadsheet interface between Songkong and Apple Music

Paul, I have been using iTunes for many years, and so far I find SongKong way better than any of the other products I’ve tried to cleanup my library.

For me there is one important function still lacking:
Now that SongKong is able to create a metadata spreadsheet, could you provide a mechanism to store the data in an edited spreadsheet back into Apple Music? Can this be done directly, or indirectly by first updating the music folders/files and then re-importing the whole lot into a new Music Library?

Most of my music library is classical music. I prefer to stay with Apple Music, in particular now that there is the work/movement option.

About half of my music is not being recognised by SongKong, so that leaves me with a lot of manual editing (e.g. moving track info to work and movement). This is hardly feasible with Apple Music or SongKong, but would be a lot easier with Microsoft Excel.

And if that cannot be done with Apple Music, are there alternatives in the Apple world that would make this possible? Plex?
I had a brief look at Doug’s iTunes applescripts, but don’t think these can help either.

I still don’t understand how the Apple Music work/movement feature works? Are these separate fields, or are these existing fields used in a different way?


When you say Apple Music do you just mean the replacement for iTunes, or are we talking about the cloud service ?

If replacement for iTunes then Songkong can usually update existing Music although sometimes it is simpler to just create a new Music library, as long as you don’t need to preserve playcounts or ratings.

Whether Work and Movement fields are new or repurposing of existing fields depend on what audio format you are using. There are alternatives to iTunes that understand works and movements, most notably Minimserver uPnP server, but UPnP control points are still a bit lacking.

I am a bit surprised you say SongKong doesnt recognise half your music, that is very low. Perhaps you could run a Status Report and then run Create Support Files so I can take a look to see if we can get the match rate higher.

But regarding using a spreadsheet import data back into the music files themselves, well SongKong does not have this feature but Jaikoz (my other product) does, the process is as follows:

  1. Load songs into Jaikoz
  2. Use Advanced:Export to export the data to a spreadsheet
  3. Edit the values in the spreadsheet making sure not to modify the filename column or add/delete any columns
  4. Use Advanced:Import to import the data from the spreadhseet to the loaded files
  5. File:Save Changes to save the changes to the audio files.

I use Apple Music on MacBook, with a 3 month cloud trial. I am not aware there is a difference between the two, other than automatic synchronisation with other devices?

Music recognition low: I ran the Status Report and sent Support files as you suggested.

Thanks for your quick reply and suggestions; starting to explore Jaikoz now.

I think before MacOS Catalina Apple Music existed as a service you could optionally use with iTunes, now iTunes has been replaced by Apple Music App it is sometimes unclear if people mean the music on their computer on music in the cloud, and I have not as yet tried out the cloud service.

I had a look at your status report, as you say the music is mainly Classical, it seems the identification of composers/works ecetera is quite high (85%, 65%), and MB artist Id is 75% but the match to a MusicBrainz album is low at 45%. This indicates the songs are being identified in 75% of cases, but we cannot find a MusicBrainz Album for some of the songs. It may just be that these albums are not in MusicBrainz/Discogs coverage for Classical is not as good as Rock/Pop but it would be worth rerunning Fix Songs again to see if it can pick up a few more matches and then rerun Create Support Files