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view duration

Hi There,

I would like to see a duration in the table/edit view.

I was editing Cafe del mar volumen seis.

When I entered the barcode 731456486123 Jaikoz showed a note that several durations where wrong.
I dived into it and found on discogsé-Del-Mar-Volumen-Seis/release/41829 the correct duration in the images provided here.

So In fact MB has a lot of wrong versions for this release ( in fact only from Caf� del Mar Volumen Seis GB is correct.

Is there a way to propose a edit to MB so timings become correct

Kind regards
Guy forssman

You can see View duration in the table view pane (Show view pane), but yes i think it would be more useful to have as a read only column in the Edit pane.

MusicBrainz table can be edited by anybody please just create an account on http://musicbrainz.og and have a go. Durations are a special case, if they are generated by reading an actual CD they cannot be modified (because correct), but if manually edited they can.

maybe it’s interesting for you to dive into the history of the release group of Cafe del mar volumen seis or into the individual rleases. (MusicBrainz)
And in the Forum of MusicBrainz you can ask how is it possible that one individual rleases has different Disc ID timings.