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V9.0 install drops existing profiles

Hi Paul, just blindly installed v9 over the top of my existing install on M1 mac and noticed that my profiles are no longer showing up - just default.

Considering how much time it took me to change the settings to meet my requirements, I really don’t want to start again. Are the profiles likely to still be stored somehere that I can re-use in some way?

If not, I suggest adding a warning to the release notes.

Also, I noted that I had to re-enter my license details.


Hi, sorry you are right because previously profiles were called and could have been intended for Fix Songs, Status Report, Delete Duplicates ectera so there was no sensible way to convert them to new solution.

Now we have separate ones for each, here are the names of the Default profile for each task.

but your old file should still be there so you can look at things manually.