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Using only the main artist in the artist field no featuring

As the subject says i want to be able to only have the main artist in the artist field no featuring.

I would like the featuring artists to be put under album artists instead of “various artist” and the ‘sort album artist’ to be the main artist again rather than “various artists”


Artist = 112 feat. Beanie Sigel / 112 feat. Ludacris
sort artists= 112
album artists= Various Artists
sort album artist= Various Artists

Artist = 112 feat. Beanie Sigel / 112 feat. Ludacris
sort artists= 112
album artists= 112, Beanie Sigel , Ludacris
sort album artist= 112

Is this possible?


Can you give me a link to the Musicbrainz release this refers to

MB Release id = 312ab60a-e1cd-41e2-8438-90150e3e971e
MB Release Group id= 4d7f9341-5629-31eb-97f1-a08803433c54
MB Artist Id= 9132d515-dc0e-4494-85ae-20f06eed14f9
MB Release Artist Id= 89ad4ac3-39f7-470e-963a-56509c546377
MB Disc Id= 9Z35rrf7r7dv9QxUAVJCWLXMLyM-

Is that the info you where looking for?

let me know where to look if not.

Hi looking at

To me release this either looks like a Various Artist or possibly a P.Diddy release but it certainly is not a 112 release they are only on one track. Storing them instead of Various Artist makes no sense for the Album Artist field because the Album Artist field is used to group all songs by different artists but on the same album to the same album.

Although you can edit releases on Musicbrainz I think the consensus would be that this really is a Various Artist release so an edit to change this to a P.Diddy release would probably be rejected. You would have to do edit the fields manually in Jaikoz instead.

You haven’t explained why you want to do this, it might be best to just delete the albumartist and sort album artist values entirely. If these are absent then whatever application you are using will just fall back to using the artist and sort artist fields.

Its mainly that I dont like the featuring in the song name or the artist field. Im actually not really bothered about who is featured this could be stored in an additional tag or not at all.

track from before
Aint No Nigga:

When comparing the two above one has featuring in title and the other in artist. If its going to have featuring a consistent format is needed.
I dont mind featuring in artist as much but in the title I think looks messy.

Is there a way to either have either consistent formatting or to just delete all featuring using the replace. Something like replace in all fields everything after and including featuring.

I realise this is down to musicbrainz data and not a jaikoz but would love a method in jaikoz to make consistent or delete completely.

Ah, this is rather a different question to the original one

Featuring in the title is an old MusicBrainz style guideline, since Musicbrainz NGS introduction of artist credits the featuring artists should be moved to the artist artist credit field and out of the title field. So you could fix the songs in Musicbrainz site that will remove the inconosistency between the two, but clearly that is a time consuming task.

Two preferences that you should change are:

Remote Correct:Format:Use Artist Name instead of Artist Credit Name


Remote Correct:Format:Use recording Artist instead of Track Artist

these will partly fix the problem.

Use Artist Name instead of Artist Credit Name, means that if an artist is usually known by a particular name but uses a different name on this release then we use his usual name. This helps standardise things but doesn’t remove the featured artist it just means they will also use their normal name.

Use Recording Artist instead of Track Artist means that if this track is available on multiple releases we use the name of the artist it is credited to rather than any variation used on this particular album. Sometimes this can effect who is credited, if they were not credited originally but where credited later on.

You could use Edit/Find Replace to find and replace values in any column but at the moment this doesn’t does support regular expressions which make things more diifficult.

Actually what you could do is the following

  1. Make the Artists column visible. This stores each artist credited on a song as a separate value so you only see the first artist in the main edit table (the others are visible by clicking on the small box) and the first artist should always be the main one, whihc is the one you want.

  2. So drag the artists column next to the artist column then just copy the value from artists column to the artist column using Empty Column on the artist column (right click on column header) and then select rows in both columns and use Prepend to Left to copy from artists field to corresponding artist field.

  3. Now you’ve done lost all your featured artists , you are just left with fixing the titles that are still using the old method.

thanks alot for all of your help I have given your recommendations a try and works perfectly.


Featured artists in the title are now removed from title
in Jaikoz 4.6 out today