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Using more of my RAM for Jaikoz on Windows

Just wondering how I can use more of my RAM to run a Jaikoz scan, currently it appears to hit a limit and stop working. I have 32gb RAM available on my Windows 10 PC.

Hi, okay on Windows

  • Because the file to be modified is stored under C:/Program Files you will not be able to save changes to it unless you configure shortcut to your editing program (e.g Notepad) to Run as Administrator

  • Now open C:/Program Files/Jthink/Jaikoz/Jaikoz64.ini with the editor
    Modify the line that says:




    Where x is the amount to use as heap memory in MB, I would not recommend setting to higher than half your total memory, so to set it to 16GB set it as follows:


    and that will set the heap size to about that value

  • You can check by looking at the status bar at the bottom right of the Jaikoz window (e.g now it says 14,222 mb)

Note:Jaikoz memory usage is proportional to how many files are loaded into application, it is not recommended to load more than 20,000 songs at a time.

Thanks - confirming this worked

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