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Using Jaikoz mood tags (numbers) in Foobar2000

What is the syntax used in foobar2000 to display the secondary mood designations like “mood happy” in foobar2000? I can get ‘mood’ to display, but not the others. I would like to experiment with auto-playlists that use that data.

Seems like the numerical data in mood tab is more specific. Many of the mood tags (“Mood” only) appear incorrect. For example, some AC/DC songs described as ‘calm/sleepy’. Which service (discogs or musicbrainz) provides this data?



I’m not that familiar with foobar2000 but I opened a file containing some mood data, and selected Properties and the values were displayed


Exactly how they are stored are format specific but for example MOOD_HAPPY is stored as a MOOD_HAPPY field for Flac, Ogg and within a User Defined Text frame with name MOOD_HAPPY in ID3 formats such as MP3 or Wav

MusicBrainz provides this service using AcousticBrainz , it would be fair to say the data is not always correct, the data is crowdsourced and sometimes there are different conflicting data added for the same song. Also the Mood algorithm is not as accurate as the bpm algorithm but it is a start.