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Use the DB to avoid re-snatching duplicates locally

Here I am again @paultaylor :slight_smile:

As you know, I have to re-snatch some music locally.

I’d rather avoid re-downloading the albums that werz already processed by songkong and detected as duplicates !

As I do have built a decent database, and I believe I can identify the albums that were matched as duplicates in there for the following reasons :

-> keep tracks with best quality

I’d like to figure out a way to grep the content, and only download the highest quality of each album.

A simple example, If I have 3 identical albums:

  1. Artists - album name - FLAC
  2. Artists - album name - FLAC 16
  3. Artists - album name - FLAC 24

Then I’ll what to re-download the 24 bit version, and avoid the two other ones.
What I need for this is to generate a list of the folder names, I than could pass to rclone copy using the --include filter.

Can I read the database content easily to see if this is feasible ?

Don’t fully understand what you are trying to do but you can run Status Report on a set of files and then use View as Spreadsheet to download a spreadsheet which contains list of files and their metadata, does that give you what you want?

well, this is working for reports that are still existing.

What I’d like to do is getting a list of all folders that were identified as duplicates because they had less tracks and / or lower quality.

Can I query the DB somehow ?

The database only contains songs and their metadata, not that kind of logic. And the database is emptied each time you upgrade SongKong to new version so will hold less info then the reports anyway. Also I don’t know how you can access the database outside of SongKong anyway.

yeah that’s what I got after updating. Well, then I’ll have to re-snatch everything I guess.