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Use of Metadata in JPlay

I am trying out Jplay with my Melco
System at the suggestion of my supplier - I really like a lot of what it does (it is surprisingly like Roon in many ways)
In most ways it seems to handle Classical music much better than Roon or Linn or Linn Kazoo - that is except in terms of composer!!! It is OK for most composers when there is only one with that surname - say Brahms - but for Bach there is a real problem. There is a limited option as to how it handles metadata - when ‘splitting tags’ using commas - you just get one Bach (under Bach) and that happens to be JS Bach (or is perhaps all??)………. CPE Bach is actually to be found under CPE and not Bach at all etc
If you cancel commas as the splitting tag and use semi colons it at first seems better as there is a composer caller Bach JS, and a composer Bach CPE. ………. But if they both appear on the same Disc then the composer becomes Bach JS, Bach CPE as though that is a different composer than the 2 individually!!

As I like the interface I would like to find a way of sorting this but at the moment I am stuck as to how I might start (and I don’t want to do a lot of work and then find those changes won’t work with Linn or Linn Kazoo if I need to go back to them (or Roon for that matter).
It would be really helpful if you might suggest a way forward especially if it is not too complicated!

Many Thanks


Hi, I have never use JPlay and a quick perusal of the website leaves me none the clearer. Is it a music player (like Linn Kazoo/KInsky) or music server (like MinimServer/Asset) or does it combine the two, is it uPnP or not.

Anyway doesnt it just use the metadata in the files, and since SongKong uses full name not just the last name I don’t understand the problem.

Hi Paul

As far as I can work out it is a player like Linn Kazoo but unlike Linn it is (I think) I had to change the settings on the Melco

I have just checked with my dealer and he says the player is not uPnP - but it is just a player

It can be tried for 14 days free of charge - I will be
Interested to see what you think of it! I suspect it will make a lot more sense to you than me!!

I really don’t understand the metadata part of this as there are different ways to ‘present it’. I am still using the free version and although I think it is potentially fabulous - if I can’t solve this - it is a non starter as I use composers for all my searches!! Do hope you can help!’

I will look when I can but it will not be until next week at earliest.

But Im unclear why you just see composer as last name only, what do you have in the composer field when you run SongKong Status Report, would be helpful if yo could rtun status report and then run Create Support Files so I can have a look.

Hi Paul
I quite understand that you can’t drop things and do this straight away - just glad you will be able to help me try and sort it.
Our internet is currently down as next door have BT Openreach digging up their path!! I will do the SongKong tests hopefully this afternoon when it should be back on’

Thanks again


Hi Paul
I have done the Status report and hopefully sent the Support Files correctly - please let me know if you need anything else atm.

So I have looked at your status report and composer is stored as fullname, so I don’t understand what you are talking about when you speak about splitting up values separated by comma, which field is being separated this way?

It would help if you could post a few screenshots from JPlay to clarify what you mean.