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Upgraded to 4.3.0 pro NGS beta but lost my settings

When I upgraded to 4.3.0 pro I lost all my settings.

Is this suppose to happen?

Any way to at least go back and at least make snapshots of what I had.



No this shouldnt have happened, when you update and start jaikoz it tries to convert the existiting settings and if it cant manage that does it just give you the default settings. This is recorded in the jaikoz console window (but no dialog window comes up probably should). If you send me your support files i can take a look, did u update from an old version that is more likely to cause aproblem then updating from a recent version.

You can recover your own settings but maybe a bit akward.

Look in your jaikoz user folder should be a settings.old,delete settings.jai and rename settings.old to it.
Then reinstall the old version of jaikoz
then restart jaikoz
Should now be back to where u were

TimeMachine to the rescue.

I just reloaded from an know date and then upgraded and things look OK. Maybe it was me.

I noticed the same thing when i upgraded. Though it didn’t wipe out all the settings, it just set what columns will show back to default and messed up my column ordering. At first glance, everything else still appears in place. Well, at least my renaming mask didnt get wiped out.

Ah yes, it has to do this because an extra column (acoustid fingerprint) has been added,but all other preferences should be preserved.