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Upgrade license issue

I bought this program a while back. Installed it did not get all warm n fuzzy, so I never used it. Recently I returned to it and found the error of my ways.

Looking at the website I found that a license was good for ALL RELEASES.

So I downloaded the newest version and followed the instruction on installing over the old one [so as to not loose settings and license]. Imagine my suprise when I am now told MY LICENSE IS INVALID!

It exits the program and now that i want to I can not use it!!!

Can anyone help me please?

There is a problem somewhere, please send me an email with your details and I’ll resend you the license, this normally reoslves the issue.

What details do you want?

just some evidence of payment such as email from paypal

That was some time ago. Two houses and 3 or 4 pc’s. I no longer even have a paypal account. Had set that up solely for some online purchase back in the day but everyone now takes credit cards so I do not have it any more.
I have searched thru all my emails and I have nothing from paypal on this pc. I may have bought that while at work so the email would have gone there. And I no longer work there!

I tried to uninstall the upgrade and reinstall the original file but it is still asking for a license#…

What are my options now?

Ok, Ive found your payment and resent license in a zipfile plese try that

Thank you so very much. I will re-install it all tonight and if there are any other issues i will post again.


I am having the same issue. Please advise.

I can not find the download that you sent me,
That pc is retired.
I want to transfer my copy form that to a new one.
I have the directory backed up.
What was the file I need to copy?

Never mind.
Got it.

you have to update the license in the program.
I just updated my license in the program with the old license.
Us the update metadate button on the end.

Please give more details.

I am not able to upgrade to version 9.1.0 after I go through everything and unpack it doesn’t show up. It says the old version, so every time I open the program it tells me there is an upgrade

for some reason I have to enter the registration info everytime I start songkong, is there a save button or something I am missing, I am using windows 10 pro, it has all the latest updates,
Songkong reverts to trial
I am pretty sure that I shouldn’t need to keep adding the registration every time I go to use it, has anyone had this problem
Thanks Rob

There is an issue with SongKong 4.10 for new users, new users will need to edit the file as described at until this is fixe din next release.

Rob, I have sent you an email with correct file.

I purchased Jaikoz back in 2011. Since then I have changed my email for PayPal. I want to upgrade to the Pro edition, but read that the PayPal email needs to match the original email the license was issued under. How to I go about upgrading?

Just do the upgrade, then email and I will sort it out

I’ve hust purchased the pro version of the program but I didn’t received the licence

Hi it was sent to your hotmail account.