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Updating existing files on Melco

I have a Melco and ripped all my CDs to it via a PC a while ago, I have some issues with the meta-data, now apparent but not obvious when I did the ripping (I used DBpoweramp). So I have a couple of questions: is the right tool to use to fix the whole library Songcast for Melco, Jaikoz or both. If both how should I use them? I have 900 albums on the Melco so I think I would have to do the updating of metadata in batches but open to suggestions. As some of my CDs were very old the meta data for them is a bit sketchy.

Firstly use SongKong for Melco on a smallish set of folders in preview mode and review the changes shown in the report that would be made to check you are happy with them. If there is anything you do not like adjust the configuration accordingly or ask a question here and we will help get whats working best for you.

Then you should be able to process your whole collection in one go. Also note SongKong makes changes to the files as it goes along, so if it does fail for any reason the songs already matched will be saved and if you just run again it will ignore the matched songs and just process the remainder.

Jaikoz is useful for manually adding missing data, customizations or for forcing song to match specific MusicBrainz or Discogs matches.

Also consider are you using Melco with Twonky or MinimServer. If Twonky consider moving over to MinimServer you’ll get a better user experience from your UPnP client, especially if you configure MinimServer as per the SongKong guidelines -

Thanks - I am on Minimserver already so will try a small batch on SongKong for Melco.
Appreciate the help.