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Updating artwork and lyrics

I loaded aprox7k tracks that have no artwork or lyrics.
All have acoustic id’s
I manually updated the artwork as I do not want to change the track info.
I received “0” results.

I think all your songs are in one folder, and hence I think your songs have been matched Song Only because as I explained to you before most songs can be found on multiple albums and if you have no existing metadata (album metadata or folder structure) then we cant reliably identify the correct album only song, without album we dont know which album cover to use.

We don’t support adding lyrics, there is no reliable database available.

Seems the concept of you program is geared twords albums and collections. My needs are not. I do not collect albums only tracks that I enjoy. As such I am trying to simply identify the correct artist / title / and any album it might be on.

Okay if any album will do you can uncheck Preferences:Remote Correct:Match:Only allow match if all songs in grouping are matche dot one album and thus will allow album to be picked and artwork added.

cant find that option at that location.

I didnt get quote right as did from memory, not near computer, now updated.

I already had unchecked that option.

Hmm, if you are sure its not just the option just above that one you have unset perhaps resend support files then.

I will tomorrow. I retraced all my steps and am “Experimenting” again. When the run is complete ill share results and diagnostics.

Can I assume it is now working for you ?

Sorry, personal issue - have not had time to revisit. I will advice when I can.