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Update Tags before, or after, converting WAV to FLAC?

I am going to convert my Naim-ripped WAV library to FLAC because most audio servers work better with FLAC. I have not yet updated the WAV files with the Naim metadata using SongKong. Question: Should I update the ID tags on the WAV files before converting them to FLAC, or should I convert the audio files to FLAC first and then update the ID tags with the meta.naim file? Or does the order not matter?

If you want to use the metadata in your meta.naim files then you need to use the naim import option on the wav files first before you convert them to flac because it only works on wav files.

Thanks Paul. Another question: One of my libraries does not contain meta.naim files (although it was ripped by a Naim product). Instead the metadata is in “cddbinfo.txt” files, and the album art is in “folder.jpg” files, one pair of such files per album. Is there a way to similarly use that info to create tags for the WAV files?

Please ignore my last request - I did a test with cddbinfo.txt files and SongKong created the tags. Great!!

The older Naim UnitiServe uses amgnfo.xml, cddbinfo.txt and useredit.xml files
The replacement Naim UnitiCore uses meta.naim files

SongKong supports parsing both.