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Update my current registration E-mail

Hi Paul

I had update to Jaikoz version 11 but it still an email that i don’t use for many years.
How do we change it ?
Initially i had receive a key but your server still gave me the old email registration.
Can you update the registration email please ?


Both email are already associated with this license so you can use either for future purchases, no problem.

Because the email address is part of the license, in order to change the email address now I would have to issue you a new license and remove the old license. Many customers have changed their email address and I’m not going to start issuing replacement licenses, it would be an adminstrative nightmare for no real benefit.

Currently Jaikoz shows the original email address on title bar, but I do have an issue logged to show the current email instead -

Once this is fixed your new email address will be shown on toolbar, but there is no way currently to change the email address shown

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Hi Paul

I’m having the same issue. I’m using Jaikoz for many years now and would like to continue.
My first licence is with email address : and I recently purchased an update with email address :

Can you please help ?

Thank you

Hi Manu

FYI when you purchased 1 year of updates you can enter original email address in the old email address field if it is different to current email address to avoid this problem.

But now fixed it for you, just restart and it will work, also linked both emails to this license so you can use either for payment.