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Update license option greyed out

Newbie here. Just bought Jaikoz 10.1.2 and installed on a PC running Windows 10 Pro. I’ve seen this question asked on the forum before, but I didn’t see a blanket resolution. Upon launching Jaikoz, I am greeted with the message "Your eligibility for free Jaikoz version updates has already expired…Jaikoz will run in View Only mode until purchase of version updates." The guidance I’ve read is to select the Update License option from the File menu. But, it’s greyed out. I’ve restarted Jaikoz and my computer a few times, but it hasn’t fixed it. Any suggestions? Thank you.

Hi, you actually needed to purchase version updates because you already had a license, instead you purchased a new license, the option to install a new license is not available because you already have a license installed. I have converted your payment into 3 years of version updates and updated the license server, if you simply restart Jaikoz it should now work without problem

Thank you, Paul. Sorry I didn’t purchase in the proper manner. I’m a slow learner!