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Update file location/association on save

Multiple times I’ve realized that I’ve missed changing a piece of metadata after I’ve already saved changes. When I go to make additional changes to that track or tracks it now can’t find the file to make any changes to it.

Is it possible for Jaikoz to update the file location automatically within Jaikoz, since it should know where it moved it anyway, to allow for additional changes to be made to the same file(s)?

I didn’t realize that it didnt do that, how are they being moved ?

But I raised to track this

[quote=paultaylor]how are they being moved ?

I couldn’t really say “how” but it’s usually for a track that’s has missing or incorrect organizational metadata that iTunes would use to sort music. For instance the Album title.

If a track is listed with Album “Unknown” then in the file structure it’s placed in a folder called “Unknown”. Once you assign it the proper album name Jaikoz/iTunes (not sure which) moves the file to a new folder with the proper name.

If I try to make additional changes to the same track, I get an error that Jaikoz can’t find the file and it remains with the “save disk” icon in the status column.

Until I close and re-open Jaikoz and reload the file path to my music and Jaikoz sees the new location association.

I can try and re-create this when I get home tonight to get some better information if need be.

Ah, if iTunes is moving it that is the problem since Jaikoz doesnt know that it has been moved. If you have Jaikoz configured to inform iTunes of changes and iTunes has its Reorganize Music Folder option enabled then it will move songs if the metadata affects their filename.

Its difficult for me to resolve this since it does seem to be impossible to actually find out if iTunes has the option enabled, and even if we knew we dont know exactly when and where it is moved by iTunes. A solution may be possible but the best workaround is to either disable iTunes reorganization option, or disable Jaikoz iTunes option and then just update iTunes when done by selecting all files in iTunes and selecting Get Info, this will work fine as long as you don’t rename files within Jaikoz itself.

So, does Jaikoz do any file reorganization at all in/of itself? i.e. when the Track/File/Album names are updated does Jaikoz leave the file in the “Unknown” folder but with correct metadata?

Then, afterwards, when I tell iTunes to Get Info iTunes will move the files to the correct folder associations?

Just trying to understand the process.

If you just run Autocorrect Metadata from MusicBrainz or use Autocorrect with defaults then it doesnt rename.

But you can rename by using Action:File and Folder Correct:Correct Sub Folder from Metadata and Action:File and Folder Correct:Correct Filename Folder from Metadata

You can see the complete filename by enabling BaseFolder, SubFolder and Filename fields, the file will not be actually be renamed until you do Save Changes

these will use the masks configured in Preferences:File and Folder Correct

You can also add renaming to the Autocorrecter in Preferences:Manipulators:Autocorrecter