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"Unexpected Problem with Jaikoz" window

At least once a week I get this prompt asking me to report the issue to the JThink discussion group.

Problem is, I cannot dismiss the window with either the 'OK" button or the ‘Red’ close window dot. I have to ‘force quit’ Jaikoz, lose my edits AND lose the support files which might have told Paul what the issue is/was.

Is there anyway known whereby I can create Support Files under these circumstances. Are support files any use after a restart …??

In case they are, I’ll restart Jaikoz and immediately create the support files referencing this thread.

I will need to look into this, that should not happen.

Yes support files are fine after restart because they just collect the logs and settings files, and the logs files are large enough usually so that older logs wont be lost to recycling for a few months.